Natural Gas Market Development

Marcellus-Utica infographicThanks to abundant natural gas supplies in Pennsylvania and neighboring states, there is ever-growing interest in making use of this clean-burning, affordable and dependable energy supply – ranging from natural gas vehicles to electrical generation to a resurgence in manufacturing.

The scale of the region’s natural gas production has provided an incentive for industrial and large commercial end users to revisit strategic operational plans to explore applications to optimize the many energy opportunities flowing from this robust gas market. Concurrent with rising end user awareness are the efforts of Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers to vigorously seek new markets. Because Pennsylvania shale plays will continue to materially influence future availability and price of natural gas, opportunity exists to promote and enhance the role of industrial and large commercial end users in natural gas consumption. PIOGA is uniquely situated to foster development of this mutually beneficial relationship between producers and end users.

Pennsylvania has become a net natural gas exporting state in a very short time. Today we are seeking new markets for roughly 50-60% of our natural gas energy production; whereas, just five years ago, our demand required supplemental production (approximately 7 Bcf/day or 75% of our needs) from the Gulf Coast, the Midwest and Canada. CEOs of the state’s major gas utilities have stated that Pennsylvania consumers have realized a 40% reduction in heating and energy spends due to the plentiful natural gas supply. Pipeline and infrastructure projects are necessary to expand our transmission, midstream and gathering capabilities to areas where natural gas is needed to ensure reliable, safe and clean energy options to all Americans.

In areas where shale-gas development is occurring, many small to mid-sized businesses are being established or are experiencing an increase in profitability during this time. Entrepreneurs are creating and sustaining a service or product that supports the oil and gas industry or takes advantage of the proximity to ready gas supplies. There are many end-use applications for natural gas, and many ways for people to present new and exciting business ideas to Pennsylvanians.

The Pipeline and Natural Gas Market Development Committee of PIOGA allows for an interactive forum to help educate our members on the many opportunities for enhanced natural gas use throughout the Commonwealth, as well as raising and discussing critical end user issues related to natural gas use.

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Gas Fact: Increasing domestic production from tight oil and shale is significantly decreasing the U.S. need to import oil and natural gas from outside the U.S. 2014 Annual Energy Outlook


If you are a PIOGA member who would like to participate on the on the Pipeline and Natural Gas Market Development Committee, or an end user interested in finding out more about Pennsylvania-produced natural gas, please contact us.

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