Natural Gas for Electric Generation

Natural gas use by segment

The electric power sector has grown rapidly in recent years and is projected to become the largest consumer of natural gas in Pennsylvania by 2020. Because of its environmental benefits, natural gas used for electricity generation has increased dramatically. It’s estimated that by 2035, 60% of electric generating capacity will be fueled by natural gas. Its flexibility for use during times of peak consumption will be invaluable to future power generation. Because natural gas pipelines and infrastructure are situated near areas of demand, electricity generated using natural gas saves consumers on congestion costs.

PIOGA’s Pipeline and Natural Gas Market Development Committee visits the Tenaska Virginia Generating Station near Scottsville in May 2014. The plant is a natural gas-fueled combined-cycle generating facility developed and owned by Tenaska Virginia Partners, L.P.

Gas Fact: Natural gas currently generates approximately 32% of total U.S. electricity.

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